There are four steps in the remediation process:

  1. On site survey and Inspection
  2. Pre Forensic Testing – Initial Tier 1 Forensic surface testing
  3. Remediation
  4. Post Forensic Testing and Verification testing for re-habitation

Due to a wide variety of issues, including liability and insurance and a current lack of readily accessible information, many contaminated premises are being cleaned incorrectly and unsafely, potentially exposing both current and future occupants (or anyone who enters the property without suitable protective equipment) to serious health risks.

Meth Lab Solutions offers the highest quality meth clan lab cleaning service available on the market today.  In accordance with governmental standards remediation requires decontamination to near non detectable levels. We utilise the latest cleaning and testing technology to ensure these standards are met. Normal commercial cleaning products have proved ineffective therefore we only employ a specific neutralising agent, Crystal Clean EasyDecon 200, to ensure the property is decontaminated to safe and accepted levels. By using this product we can also reduce labour time and therefore these savings can be passed onto the customer.  All chemicals used are certified by industrial hygienists.

There are currently very few contractors available in Australia who are certified and trained in meth lab assessment, testing and decontamination. Meth Lab Solutions is one of the few companies who has staff qualified to inspect, test and remediate (decontaminate) clandestine labs.

The remediation process involves an initial site assessment by our qualified staff who will carry out Tier 1 testing to determine the level of contamination at the property. The remediation (cleaning) process will follow and depending on the site assessment can include, but not limited to:

  • Removal and disposal of all lose waste material
  • Removal and disposal of all contaminated furniture
  • Removal and disposal of all biohazard material including syringes and other drug paraphernalia
  • Decontamination treatment of all internal surfaces using specific methamphetamine neutralizing chemicals
  • Wash and vacuum all surfaces with standard commercial cleaning reagents.
  • Flush all drains (kitchen, bathroom and outside drains) with chemical neutralizers
  • Steam clean al soft furnishings including blinds
  • High pressure clean all paved areas
  • Soil check for chemical disposal sites

Following the remediation process, the property will be re-tested and samples sent to an independent laboratory for analysis. The laboratory uses state of the art chromatography techniques that are extremely sensitive to very small levels of contaminant.  Once the property is deemed to be safe, we will provide a validation report and sign off for re-habitation.

We only use the highest quality chemicals in the remediation process which have been scientifically proven to remove meth to levels <0.02/100cm2 of meth.  Our remediation process is fast, reliable and cost effective.