Pre Forensic Testing

Clandestine Meth labs and drug users contaminate properties with dangerous toxins and chemicals that attach not only to themselves but to most surfaces within a property, even after the ‘cooking’ apparatus has been removed by police.  The chemicals are transferred through contact, air conditioners and other ventilation systems making contamination widespread and difficult to remove.  These meth toxins can pose serious health problems to anyone inhabiting a contaminated property.

The majority of these backyard labs have been discovered in rental properties in an attempt to avoid detection and conviction, thus compromising the investments of landlords, Real Estate Agents and State Housing departments.

The only way to correctly decontaminate a meth lab is to ascertain the extent and type of contamination – a process which can only be determined via forensic testing. Here at Meth Lab Solutions we provide a fully certified Meth Testing Service throughout Australia to industry standards. The Forensic Testing is carried out by qualified technicians using highly sensitive immunoassays. The presence and distribution of methamphetamine contamination can be determined on-site thus reducing the time these properties remain unoccupied.

This Tier 1 testing is conducted in parallel with the initial site survey and forms the first part in the complete remediation process of the contaminated property.

A full report of this analysis including remediation recommendations will be provided to the client upon completion of the Meth Lab testing.