Franchise Opportunity

Forensic Clandestine lab remediation services

We test property not people!
Starting from: $19,950.00

If you are a progressive, self motivated, enthusiastic individual or couple wishing to own your own business in a growing industry then this opportunity could be for you. Forensic Pathways is currently seeking FST Inspectors for Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide. As an Inspector your role will be to promote and carry out a suite of clan lab remediation services in a professional and ethical manner in your exclusive region. These services include on-site tier 1 Forensic surface testing (FST), remediation services and laboratory validation and verification testing. We have a wide and diverse range of clients that require our services and as an owner of your own business you will be required to generate a large and sustainable customer base in your area.

Our Clients:
Landlords and those with investment properties use FST monitoring to help limit the risk of tenants engaging in the manufacture or consumption of illegal drugs on their premises. These types of activities often occur in rental properties and can be a huge liability and cost to landlords (in terms of current and future tenant’s safety as well as decreased property values). A FST assessment will identify if the property has been used illegally to consume or manufacture illicit drugs and landlords can carry out these assessments at the start, during or end of any tenancy agreement thus acting as a strong deterrent and protecting their investment.

In the unfortunate event of a clandestine laboratory being discovered in a private rental or state housing property the government body or landlord is required to have the property tested, remediated and validated prior to re-occupation. As a FST inspector you will be trained and have the necessary skills to provide a comprehensive solution to this growing problem.

What we supply:
- Forensic Remediation Service License for your chosen region
- Training in the FST, remediation and the Validation service
- Support and access to our laboratory (for the validation tests)
- All Formal documentation which includes:
• Property Inspection and Sampling Application
• Forensic Pathways Inspection Standards
• Validation and Remediation Reports
- 250 Business Cards
- Advertising material
- Unlimited supply of validation tests
- FST Drug Kits/Tests for 20 Properties

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