Forensic Surface Testing

Clandestine Meth labs and drug users leave behind dangerous toxins that attach themselves to all surfaces around a property; the toxins even remain once the ‘cooking’ apparatus has been removed by police. These Meth toxins can pose serious health problems to anyone who has moved into a property that has been used to manufacture Methamphetamine.

449 Meth labs were detected by police in Australia between 2008-2009 (Australian Crime Commission). It should be noted that the majority of these properties were most like to have been rented so that criminals avoid conviction.

Here at Clan Lab Remediation Australia provides a fully certified Meth Forensic Testing Service throughout Australia to home owners, rental agents, and police authorities.

The Meth Forensic Testing would be carried out by a trained Forensic Scientist not a cleaner.


  • Discreet and unobtrusive testing method of Property, NOT People.
  • Results are accurate (99.8%), sensitive (<5 ppm) and cost effective.
  • Results are achieved within minutes as there is no need to send samples to a laboratory.
  • Can test for a wide range of illicit drugs including all common party drugs.
  • Can be tested on any surface, anywhere (furniture, walls, workshops, offices, apartments, vehicles, houses, iPod’s, mobile phones, computers, clothing, bank cards, window sills, fans and vents etc.).
  • Protect your family, yourself and your property investment.

Meth Lab Solutions offers this service to certify that a residence is “drug-free” which is highly desirable for any new tenant and will provide the landlord with the peace of mind that such illegal activities have not been carried out at their expense.

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